Children with a Disability - Childcare/Financial Support (2023)

Do you have a child with a disability and are worried about finding suitable childcare? Or are you worried about the cost? Finding childcare for your child can be a stressful and worrying time, and may seem a lot more stressful if you are trying to find childcare to meet any additional needs your child may have.

Talk to other Parents/Carers

You might want to start by talking to other parents in your situation. If they have shared similar experiences they might be able to give you a useful insight and advice. If there is no-one that you can talk to in a similar situation, your social worker or one of these organisations (listed at the bottom of the page) may be able to put you in touch with other families. Some organisations (such as: Contact) may even have online forums that you can join:Contact / Online Communities. Your Health or Social Worker may be able to advise if there any support groups in your area, or you can check directly with local charities and organisations.

Useful Advice/Points to Consider

You can find useful advice on NI Direct - Childcare for a child with disabilities.

Finding Suitable Childcare

There are various types of childcare available across Northern Ireland, depending on the age of your child. As a parent/carer you are best placed to decide on which type of childcare will suit your own and your child/rens' individual needs.

You will need to think about whether you want your child cared for in your own home (Approved Home Childcare), in an early years setting (Day Nursery/Out of School/Creche/Playgroup, etc), or in another person's home (Childminder). Our childcare articles;Types of Childcareand Need Help Choosing Childcare? may help you decide on the best type of childcare for you and your child.

Once you have decided on your preferred type of childcare, use our childcare search to find childcare in your area.

Our Childcare Search

There are different filters that you can use on our childcare search at Family Support NI that will help you to find the most suitable childcare providers

  • Experience of Complex Needs/Disabilities - You can filter your childcare search by childcare providers that have stated they have experience of complex needs/disabilities.
  • Keyword Search - You can try match a childcare provider to a specific need (e.g. Autism) by inputting it into the 'Keyword Search'. Any childcare providers that have specified that they have experience or training of this specific need will appear in your search results.
  • Further Information - You can view more information on each childcare provider by clicking into their profile, where they may have provided further information on relevant training and experience.
  • Create a Shortlist - You may want to create a shortlist of different childcare providers, so that you can contact them to discuss your child/rens' needs in more detail.

Specialist Settings

You may also find that there are specialist childcare settings that come out in your search. Most specialist settings require referral by Social Worker or Healthcare Professional. Speak to the childcare setting or your Social Worker directly for more information.

Help with Childcare Costs

Once you have decided on childcare, you may be worried about the cost.

There are different benefits and schemes in place to help with the cost of childcare, for eligible parents. Some of these schemes, such as Tax-Free Childcare, have different rules for families who have a child with a disability. For example:

  • Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare can be used for children under age 17, if the child has a disability (otherwise, the age limit is under 16 for Childcare Vouchers and under 12 for Tax-Free Childcare).
  • Tax-Free Childcare allows eligible families to claim 20% of their childcare costs up to a maximum of £4,000 for a child with a disability (compared to £2,000 for other children).

Check our article: Help with Childcare Costs for more information on the main forms of support.

If you are caring for a child with disabilities, you should check that you are receiving all the financial help that may be available to you.

(Video) Social Security Disability for your autistic child

NI Direct have information on Caring for a Child with Disabilities. Here, you will be able to access information on related financial support such as Disability Living Allowance for Children, and Direct Payments For Children with Disabilities.

There are various types of financial support that may be available to people with disabilities. You can read more information about the range of financial support on NI Direct:Main disability and sickness benefits.

For free and impartial advice about the financial help that may be available to you and your family, speak to a Family Benefits Advisor (see our article: Family Benefits Advice for more information).

Benefits Advice Helplines:

Family BenefitsAdvice Service: 0800 028 3008

Employers For Childcare’s Family Benefits Advice Service provides free, confidential and impartial advice and guidance on financial support with the cost of childcare as well as any other help you may be entitled to. They have a dedicated leaflet for families who have a child with a disability (see related documents below) and an information video on their website: Last year, as part of a project to support families who have a child with a disability to access childcare, their team identified an average per family of £559 per month in increased income, of £6,708 per year.

Welfare Changes Freephone Helpline: 0808 802 0020


Advice NI operate this helpline (in partnership with Law Centre NI). They can provide advice regarding changes to social security benefits such as Personal Independence Payment, Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance.

Make The Call NI Helpline: 0800 232 1271

Make the Call is an entitlement check helpline. They will check if there are unclaimed benefits that you may be entitled to. You will need your national insurance number to hand (and your partner's, if applicable).

Benefit Enquiry Line (NI): 0800 022 4250

Text number, Minicom - 028 9031 1092 (deaf and hard of hearing only)

This is a freephone helpline, that provides advice and information on Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Carer's Allowance and Carer's Credit.

Special Educational Needs in a Pre-School or School Setting

Children's Law Centre works to protect the rights of children and young people. They can offer you advice and information to help you negotiate services and advocate for your child.

(Video) Social Security Disability For Kids | Payouts for Minor Children

What is a Special Education Need? Find useful questions and answers:

There may be additional points to consider if your child is in or will be entering an educational setting. For further information and support:

Other Useful Contacts:

Action for Children

Action For Children is committed to helping the most vulnerable children and young people break through injustice, deprivation and inequality so they can achieve their full potential.

Tel:028 9046 0500


Contact a Family provides support, advice and information for families with disabled children, no matter what their condition or disability.

Tel: 028 9262 7552 or 0808 808 3555

Disability Action

Disability Action are a Northern Ireland charity, who work with people with all types of disabilities. They deal with benefits-related issues, referrals to appropriate Social Services teams and health professionals and disability-specific issues such as: access, community care, DDA, education, employment/training, general disability info and human rights.

(Video) How To Get Paid As An Autism/Special Needs Parent | PART 1

Head Office (Belfast):028 9029 7880

Carrickfergus Office:028 9336 9367

Derry/Londonderry Office:028 7136 0811

Dungannon Office:028 8775 2372

Family Fund

Family Fund provide grants to families raising a disabled or seriously ill child aged 17 and under. Their grants support the family, improve their wellbeing, increase quality of life and ease many of the pressures they often face. Family Fund are a registered charity and the UK’s largest provider of grants to families living on the lowest of incomes.

Phone: 01904 550 055



In Northern Ireland Mencap works alongside and represents the interests of people with a learning disability and their families. We deliver a wide range of practical support services, transforming the lives of children, young people, men and women with a learning disability and their families.Mencap have an independent advice and information service which helps people with a learning disability and their families understand their rights and find out about services and activities in their area.

Freephone Helpline: 0808 808 1111 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)

(Video) Funding for Disability Services; COVID-19 Expenditures on Child Care

Parent Action

Parent Action is a not-for-profit organisation, seeking to promote and protect the human rights of children and young people and adults with disabilities/long term health conditions in their receipt of health, social care, education, short break and daycare, employment and training support, through the empowerment of their parents and peers as advocates.

Tel: 077 5230 3854

For a full list of disability support organisations throughout Northern Ireland, please visit:

Contact (for families with disabled children) - Guide to Moving into Work

A Parents Guide - Improving the well-being of young children with learning disabilities

Carers NI - Assessments Factsheet - Your guide to getting help

EA Special Educational Needs - Guidance for Parents and Guardians

EFC Family Benefits Advice - Families with a child with disability

(Video) Disability and Child Protection | UNICEF


Can I get paid to care for my autistic child in Texas? ›

Yes; in Texas, there are both state and federal programs that pay family members to care for a loved one. To learn more about Texas Medicaid, visit the following resources and websites: Texas Medicaid Quick Reference Guide. Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)

What is the grant for special needs children in Texas? ›

About Supplemental Special Education Services

Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) are $1,500 one-time on-line grants for eligible parents/caregivers of eligible students served by special education that have been impacted by COVID-19 school closures.

Do I qualify for CCMS in Texas? ›

Do I qualify for Child Care Services? Single Parent Household - You are currently working and/or in training for a minimum of 25 total hours per week or more. Single Parent Household - You are seeking employment and plan to find work within the next 90 days.

How much does daycare assistance pay in Texas? ›

The program reimburses up to $900 per existing employee and up to $1,800 per newly hired worker per 12-month period.

Can I get paid to watch my autistic child? ›

In-Home Supportive Services

For qualified families, the state of California has a program called In-Home Supportive Service (IHSS), which pays an individual caregiver to stay home and care for a developmentally disabled child.

What money can you get for a child with autism? ›

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Individuals with autism may be eligible to receive SSI to help support them financially. Information on this and other programs can be found at

What is the Texas autism grant? ›

We offer small grants and stipends averaging $1,000 per family to assist with the financing of limited, targeted educational investments for these children.

How to get free iPad for autistic child? ›

Only parents or legal guardians may apply on behalf of their child/adult with autism. You must have access to a WiFi internet connection for software downloads and updates. You must establish, or already have an active iTunes account/Apple ID prior to applying.

What benefits can you claim if you have an autistic child in Texas? ›

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) A small number of children with disabilities or special health care needs are able to get monthly Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments from the Social Security Administration.

What do I need to qualify for CCS in Texas? ›

Eligibility criteria to receive Child Care Services (CCS) include: Each parent and step-parent, living in the household, must be working, attending school, in training/other educational program, or combination of these, at least an average of 25 hours each week over a four-week period.

Who qualifies for IHSS in Texas? ›

You must be 21 or older. You must have an unmet need for help with home management and personal care tasks. You must have a practitioner's statement of medical need. You must be eligible for Medicaid.

How much is daycare per month in Texas? ›

According to the Child Care Aware of America 2021 report, the average cost of daycare per month in Texas is $813 for infants, $744 for toddlers, and $669 for preschoolers.

How many hours can a child be in daycare in Texas? ›

A licensed child care home provides care in the permit holder's own residence. This type of child care operation serves a maximum of 12 children from birth to age 13. Care must be provided for fewer than 24 hours per day, but for at least two hours per day, three days per week.

What is Texas Rising Star program? ›

The Texas Rising Star program offers three levels of quality certification (Two-Star, Three-Star, and Four-Star) to encourage child care and early learning programs to attain progressively higher levels of quality.

Does Texas have child care assistance? ›

The Child Care Management Services program of the Texas Workforce Commission helps eligible parents with the cost of child care. The requirements to be eligible for this assistance vary in different regions of the state. To learn more, visit the Texas Workforce Commission website at Texas Workforce Commission website .

How much money do you get a month for a child with autism? ›

The maximum SSI benefit amount for a child with autism in 2021 is $794 per month. However, the actual benefit amount a child receives may be less than this if their income or resources exceed the limits set by the SSA.

What benefits can a parent with an autistic child get? ›

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a monthly government payment through Social Security that was created to support people who are disabled. To help support them financially, individuals with autism may be eligible to receive SSI.

How much does a child with autism get from SSI 2023? ›

How Much Does a Child with Autism Get From SSI? The amount of SSI payments directly corresponds to the income level of your household. In other words, the lower your income, the more disability benefits you will receive. The full SSI benefit amount for 2023 is $841 per month.

Is autism considered a disability for taxes? ›

Is Autism Considered a Disability for Tax Purposes? The short answer is “yes,” the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) does cover children with autism as a disability, but the process is a bit more complex than merely claiming the EITC on your tax return.

What is level 1 autism? ›

Level 1 is the mildest, or “highest functioning” form of autism, which includes those who would have previously been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Individuals with ASD level 1 may have difficulty understanding social cues and may struggle to form and maintain personal relationships.

What is level 3 autism? ›

Severe autism is the most significant level of autism. Also known as level 3 autism, it often means a person is nonverbal or has very limited speech and restricted social communication skills. 1. Severe autism also often comes with sensory processing issues and extreme difficulty dealing with changes in routine.

Does Texas consider autism a disability? ›

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines autism as a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and social interaction.

Does Medicaid cover autism in Texas? ›

January 28, 2022

Effective February 1, 2022, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a covered benefit for Medicaid enrollees in Texas who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

What benefits can you get for autism in the United States? ›

So, can you get disability for Autism? Yes, you can. ASD is listed in the SSA's Blue Book under Section 12.10 - Mental Disorders. People can get disability for Autism through both disability benefits programs offered by the SSA—Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Do autistic people get into Disney free? ›

Disability Access Service pass (DAS)

All three major amusement parks (Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando) provide assistance passes for guests with autism and other developmental disabilities. You can obtain them at Guest Relations as you enter the park.

What is the autism program on Netflix? ›

Atypical is a Netflix original series that follows the life of Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old boy with autism.

Why are iPads good for autism? ›

On an iPad, an autistic child can create a sentence or even story using a series of images. By doing so, the child can communicate with parents, caretakers, and instructors without frustration. Since the iPad is mobile, children with autism can take this communication tool wherever they go.

Can you claim autistic child on taxes? ›

Dependents: You may be able to claim your child as a dependent regardless of age if they are permanently and totally disabled. Permanently and totally disabled: y He or she cannot engage in any substantial gainful activity because of a physical or mental condition.

What happens when my autistic child turns 18? ›

Parents of children with special needs should be concerned with who will make medical and financial decisions once the child turns 18. Once a child reaches 18, the parents can no longer legally make decisions for them. The child is presumed be an adult and therefore have the ability to make his or her own decisions.

How much is disability in Texas for a child? ›

How Does SSI Work? Once your child is approved to get SSI, you or your adult child will receive a monthly payment. The amount will depend on your income and resources. For example, the 2022 base pay for SSI was $841 a month for a child age 17 or younger.

Does foster care pay for daycare in Texas? ›

Is there childcare (daycare) assistance? The State of Texas provides daycare assistance for many foster children so long as all caregivers in the home meet the employment requirements.

How much does a child care provider earn in Texas? ›

As of Jun 7, 2023, the average annual pay for a Child Care Worker in Texas is $21,781 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $10.47 an hour.

What is NCI in Texas? ›

Texas offers government assistance to those who must put their children in day care. The most common assistance programs are NCI and CCMS. NCI provides parents with a small amount of money to reimburse them for day care.

How to get paid to take care of a family member with disability in Texas? ›

Other ways to get paid as a family caregiver in Texas
  1. Long term care insurance. If your loved one has a long term care insurance policy, that policy may allow for the direction of funds to a family caregiver. ...
  2. Employer-sponsored caregiving leave. ...
  3. Get paid by family.
May 15, 2023

How much does IHSS pay per hour in Texas? ›

As of Jun 7, 2023, the average annual pay for an Ihss Provider in Texas City is $26,460 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $12.72 an hour. This is the equivalent of $508/week or $2,205/month.

What is the monthly income for IHSS? ›

Effective April 2023 – March 2024, the monthly income limit for the IHSS program for a single applicant is $1,677. When both spouses are applicants, there is a couple income limit of $2,269 / month.

How many kids can you babysit without a license Texas? ›

In Texas, you can legally care for up to three children at once without a license if you are babysitting in your own home. The law also states that if you are providing childcare outside of the home, you must obtain a professional license from the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS).

How many babies can you have at in home daycare in Texas? ›

A Listed Family Home: Provides care and supervision for up to three unrelated children. Provides care at least four hours a day, three or more days a week, for three or more consecutive weeks; or four hours a day for 40 or more days in a 12-month period. Provides care in the primary caregiver's home.

What is the difference between registered and licensed child care in Texas? ›

The registration process requires the provider to apply to the State of Texas, undergo an on-site inspection, complete an orientation class, and achieve clearances on background checks. The difference between licensing and registering is the amount of state involvement in regulating the facility.

How long do you have to leave a toddler in daycare? ›

While specific needs will differ from family to family, most busy families will inevitably need some day care for their young children. According to the AAP, children should spend between 2-5 hours in daycare on average to benefit from the socialization with other children.

How many kids per teacher in daycare in Texas? ›

Toddlers (12-36 months): 1:6 ratio, maximum group size of 12. Preschool (30 months-5 years): 1:10, maximum group size of 20. Kindergarten: 1:12, maximum group size of 24. School-age (Kindergarten-3rd grade): 1:15, maximum group size of 30.

What is the minimum age to babysit in Texas? ›

While there is no legal minimum age for babysitting in Texas, it is generally recommended by medical professionals that babysitters be no younger than 11. The maturity of any candidate should be evaluated very carefully to see that they demonstrate a high level of responsibility.

How many points is a Texas Star? ›

The five-pointed star is located in the center of the blue stripe, oriented so that one point faces upward, and sized so that the diameter of a circle passing through the five points of the star is equal to three-fourths the width of the blue stripe.

What is Rising Star Fund? ›

The RisingStars Funds target early stage high growth technology companies in segments where current technology or solutions are limited.

What is TRS rating? ›

The TRS program is a voluntary rating system for providers choosing to meet standards above minimum CCL standards. For a provider to meet and maintain TRS program standards, the provider must demonstrate consistent compliance with minimum CCL standards.

How much is welfare per child in Texas? ›

Maximum monthly TANF amount
Family SizeChild-only casesHome with 1 parent or 1 caretaker
1 more row
Jan 23, 2023

Does Texas give cash assistance? ›

HHS offers cash assistance to Texans going through tough times. TANF offers cash to help pay bills, buy food and help see your family through. TANF helps families pay for basic living needs.

What are child benefits in Texas? ›

We offer coverage for children through CHIP and STAR Medicaid. Most CHIP families pay $35 per year or less to cover all of their children. Medicaid is free for children who qualify. We also offer health coverage for pregnant women and adults.

How do I get paid for taking care of my disabled child in Texas? ›

Other ways to get paid as a family caregiver in Texas
  1. Long term care insurance. If your loved one has a long term care insurance policy, that policy may allow for the direction of funds to a family caregiver. ...
  2. Employer-sponsored caregiving leave. ...
  3. Get paid by family.
May 15, 2023

What is the Texas autism Grant? ›

We offer small grants and stipends averaging $1,000 per family to assist with the financing of limited, targeted educational investments for these children.

Does the state of Texas pay caregivers? ›

State Programs

The Texas Community Care for Aged/Disabled (CCAD) Program allows family members or loved ones to be paid for providing certain types of care. The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) also provides support and benefits to eligible family caregivers in Texas counties.

How long do you have to pay child support for a disabled child in Texas? ›

Generally, parents have an obligation to support their children financially until they reach the age of eighteen, graduate from high school (if after their eighteenth birthday), or are otherwise emancipated under the Texas Family Code.

Does Texas have an IHSS program? ›

Program Description

Texas' In-Home and Family Support Program (IH/FSP) is also referred as the Community Services IHFS Grant. These grants are intended to provide support to physically disabled individuals who do not also have intellectual disabilities in the interest of preserving their independence.

Will SSI pay you to take care of a family member? ›

The SSA does not pay caregivers to take care of their loved ones who are on Social Security disability benefits (SSI or SSDI). You could get paid as a caregiver to take care for a loved one with a disability, though through other programs there are other ways in which you could get paid taking care of a loved one.

Can my autistic child get a free IPAD? ›

Free tablets for children with Autism or speech impairment. S.T.A.P. is a state funded program, which has been in place for over 20+ years, providing tablets for children. The tablets are available to be wonderful communication tools for children who have critical pre-requisite skills.

Does autism qualify as disabled on taxes? ›

Is Autism Considered a Disability for Tax Purposes? The short answer is “yes,” the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) does cover children with autism as a disability, but the process is a bit more complex than merely claiming the EITC on your tax return.

What is the Texas program for family caregivers? ›

Texas' Community Care for Aged/Disabled (CCAD) program is a non-Medicaid (state funded) option that will pay certain family members or other loved ones for providing certain types of care and assistance.

What is the highest paid caregiver? ›

High Paying Adult Caregiver Jobs
  • Nanny Caregiver. Salary range: $31,000-$132,000 per year. ...
  • Care Provider. Salary range: $29,500-$60,000 per year. ...
  • Lead Care Manager. Salary range: $42,000-$49,000 per year. ...
  • Caregivers Non Medical. ...
  • Special Needs Caregiver. ...
  • Lead Caregiver. ...
  • Disabilities Caregiver. ...
  • Weekend Caregiver.

What state pays the most for family caregivers? ›

States That Pay Family Caregivers

In particular, California is a standout state when it comes to supporting family caregivers. For instance, the California Paid Family Leave Act provides benefit payments to those who temporarily leave a job to care for a seriously ill loved one.


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